Thursday, April 25, 2013

Bouquets fit for a Queen, at Flower Girl Prices

Spring is in the air. Flowers, trees and plants are about to burst into bloom, and that means Mother’s Day is just around the corner. Hence, the gift of a little greenery seems the natural way to honour mom on her special day. That being said, botanicals can fluctuate wildly in price; So it pays to be smart about your purchase and shop around.

Where to Buy:
·         Floral boutiques can be quite tempting. Arrangements are ultra-luxurious and buying is a snap (particularly for out-of-town gifts). However, know that you will pay a hefty premium for the convenience.
·         Shopping online is an excellent alternative. There’s a plethora of less expensive options for moms near and far -- and you can surf the net in your PJ’s.
·         For large or multiple purchases, floral wholesalers are the perfect choice. Starting prices are very reasonable and you’ll be rewarded handsomely for volume buys.
·         Most grocery and convenience stores stock a fabulous array of plant life, at rock-bottom prices. Some even offer free delivery.
·         Do you have bushels of blossoms languishing in your own back garden? Why not put them to good use? No gift is more personal than flowers you grew yourself.
·         Wildflowers are the sentimental choice and a lovely option, especially when money is tight.

What to Buy:
·         If mom has a green thumb and prefers a gift that lasts, potted plants are a great choice. Additionally, many flowers, herbs and luscious greenery are versatile enough to be enjoyed both indoors, and out.
·         Floral arrangements are best for those less herbaceously inclined. They provide immediate gratification, require minimal work and are perfect pick-me-up for apartment or condo dwellers.
·         Dried, fabric or plastic flowers are out of fashion at the moment, and not great feng shui. Stick to live plants for the occasion. Remember, Mother’s Day gifts should never be ‘practical’ in nature.
·         No matter what you purchase, stay within budget. Buy bunches of simple flowers, or a few exquisite blooms – depending upon her preference. Be sure to choose favoured colours and bright, jaunty arrangements suitable for the occasion.

·         Offering flowers wrapped in paper is acceptable, but be aware that it’ll require more work on the recipient’s part (finding a suitable vase, trimming stems and arranging).
·         A more considerate and impactful way to present a bouquet is to pop them into a pretty vase or container:
o   You can find surprisingly impressive vases at the dollar store, for a mere pittance.
o   Pick up a stash of inexpensive vases for year-round use at discount outlets or warehouse sales.
o   Discover unique or unusual containers at flea markets, or garage sales. Such vessels allow for more innovative and customized arrangements.
o   Recycle your own superfluous vases, without shelling out a dime. Just be sure they’re clean and intact.
·         Whether you’re presenting flowers in a simple vase, or an extravagant jardinière, arrange them beautifully. Insert stems one at a time, trim on the outside. Carefully balance flower types and colours, and ensure your bouquet doesn’t appear sparse.
·         A pretty ribbon can go a long way in providing the final touch. Coloured tissue and cellophane help create an even more stunning display. All these can be purchased from your local dollar store.
·         Create floral gift cards from business card stationary. Office supply stores have appropriate designs for hand-written messages, or you can custom-print on blank business cards.

Pretty blooms provide a classic and greatly appreciated gift on Mother’s Day. It’s the ideal way to thank mom for all that she’s done for you, throughout the years; But it doesn’t need to be extortionate to be impressive. With a little thought and effort, you can dazzle and delight, without going in the red.

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