Thursday, October 25, 2012

Creating a Reusable Halloween Wardrobe

Halloween is one of my favourite holidays for many reasons -- mostly because you can celebrate with as little (or as much) fuss, as you please. However if you do decide to go all out any particular year, it can get quite expensive. That’s why assembling your own permanent costume stash or tickle trunk, makes so much sense.

If you think owning a dress-up box is just for kids and kinks, then think again. Putting together your own fancy-dress collection makes more sense than you might imagine -- and amassing a costume wardrobe can be fun and relatively cheap, if you incorporate the following tricks.

Everything Old is New Again:
  • Most costumes can be recycled, but it’s surprising how many get trashed after just one wear. Be smart and store this year’s costume/s for future use.
  • Tired of wearing the same ol’ get-up, year after year? Exchange tired ensembles amongst family and friends, to get more mileage out of them.
  • Put together new looks by re-imagining costume components. Create a magician, an equestrian or a jazz dancer, all with the same black top hat.
The Upside of Fashion Faux Pas:
  • Ever asked yourself “What the heck was I thinking?” during a closet cull. Fashion mistakes provide great costume inspiration.
  • Those black leather pants become too racy for primetime? Halloween’s perfect for pushing fashion boundaries and unleashing your alter ego (somewhat).
  • Head to your nearest Sally Ann for cheap and outrageous attire. A quick visit will give you some terrific ideas and it’s a wonderful way to give back.
Details, Details, Details:
  • Don’t forget to collect old accessories too. Shoes, belts, hats, jewellery, sunglasses, tights, ties, scarves, etc. are all incredibly important when completing a look.
  • Throw in any silly toys you may have lying around the house. These bits and bobs serve as great costume props, with just a little imagination and vision.
  • Augment your creations with items from your regular wardrobe. For instance, a flared skirt can quickly become a cape, with a few pins and ribbon.
  • Visit dollar or big box stores to pick up finishing touches, at knock-down prices.
Kiss and Makeup:
  • Sift through your cosmetic drawer for questionable choices from the past. Weird and flamboyant colours work best for fancy-dress.
  • False eyelashes/nails, coloured/sparkle hairspray and wigs can all be used over and over, if stored carefully.
  • Don’t keep perishable cosmetics for too long. Note that Mascaras and creams will expire before powders.
By collecting these items gradually and wisely, you can create your own permanent costume wardrobe. And you don’t have to wait until Halloween to break out the fun either; Costumes are perfect for theme parties, children’s events and they inject a bit of life into everyday celebrations. Why not host your next Indian meal, decked out in a sari, sandals and gold bangles? With your new tickle trunk, you’ll always have the right kit on hand -- and won’t have to spend a dime, to look the part.

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