Friday, December 21, 2012

Get Home from Your New Year's Party Easily, Safely and Inexpensively

Who amongst us hasn’t spent hours frantically trying to hire a cab, on New Year’s Eve? At that point, we’d pay just about anything to get home expeditiously. It’s a nightmare that most of us are very familiar with, yet we repeat the process year-in and year-out. So how do you avoid that frustration, while staying on budget?

Driving isn’t a great idea, because many of us want to celebrate the season with abandon (and drinking and driving is simply out of the question). Public transit may be the answer, but if you’re not close to city routes, or you’ve missed the last bus or train -- the journey home could be a long and dangerous one. Most of us prefer to take taxis at New Year’s because it’s often the most convenient, reasonable and safe way to get around, especially when we‘re all spiffed up. But that’s precisely why taxis are so hard to hire on New Year‘s.

This year, why not book an airport Limousine for the festivities? That’s precisely what we do when we just can’t miss that all-important flight; So why not give our holiday celebrations, just as much forethought and gravitas? Limousines are far more luxurious than taxis and generally cost the same, or even less. Share the ride with your fellow partygoers and it’s a no-brainer. All that’s required is a little extra planning.

Step 1: Book the Limousine
  • Choose a departure destination for your group (i.e. your apartment).
  • Decide upon pick-up times both to, and from, the party (i.e. 9:00pm and 2:00am)
  • Have the party address on-hand for the call.
  • Book a few days in advance, to ensure availability.
  • If there are more than four people in your party, hire additional Limousines.
Step 2: Gather the Troops
  • Ask the members of your party to be at your departure destination at least 15-30 minutes before the Limo is scheduled to arrive.
  • Provide drinks, nibbles and music to make the wait more enjoyable.
  • Inform everyone that the Limo will leave as scheduled -- with or without them.
Step 3: Skip the Nightmare
  • Keep an eye on the clock around the time your Limousine is expected for pick-up (and lookout for it‘s arrival).
  • Have your group ready to go at the appointed time.
  • Enjoy a safe, economical and luxurious ride home with your friends.
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