Thursday, January 31, 2013

Enjoying Valentine’s Day Together

Some people avoid Valentine’s Day like the plague -- and with good reason. But if you’re in a loving relationship, you’ll likely feel compelled to show your partner that you care on February 14th. So is there a way to enjoy a romantic Valentine’s Day, without stressing out, or splashing out? Just follow these few simple steps and true romance will be yours!

Pick up a Card
  • It’s the least you can do. Really, the very least.
  • It doesn’t have to be schmaltzy or fancy…but trust me, this small effort will go a long way.
  • Save trees or make your stand against commercialism another day -- these are pretty transparent excuses for not doing the absolute minimum.
  • eCards don’t count. Going to the store too onerous? Begrudge spending a few bucks on your partner? Perhaps it’s time to revaluate the relationship.
Dining on Valentine’s Day
  • Valentine’s one of the busiest days of the year for the restaurant industry. If you dine out on Feb 14th you’ll pay top dollar, the service will suck and you’ll be lucky to get a mediocre meal. Avoid, avoid, avoid!
  • Pick an alternate night to celebrate, if you want to treat yourselves to an evening out on the town.
  • For an intimate meal, order in, or cook something simple together.
  • If you do decide to eat in, don’t allow one person to slave away in the kitchen, whilst the other dines alone -- that‘s no fun at all.
Romantic Activities
  • Plan a cozy night in without the kids, TV, computers, phones or other daily distractions constantly bombarding you.
  • Go for a couples massage. You can often claim the expense through your insurance and it’s a relaxing treat for both of you.
  • Take in a romantic movie.
  • Visit a local attraction, art gallery, or museum together.
  • Do what you love as a couple -- go night skating, learn to snowshoe, dance, walk or go bowling. All you need is a little imagination.
Keep Gifts Small and Sentimental
  • Valentine’s gifts aren’t crucial, but the right trinket can earn you a lot of relationship points.
  • Presents needn’t be expensive. A nice bottle of wine, a favourite candy or pretty bunch of flowers are excellent examples of appropriate gifts.
  • You can also impress with less by picking up a well chosen book, collectable, or novelty item for that special someone.
  • Lingerie is a risqué and a risky purchase -- and it’s often more for the giver, than the receiver. My advice is to play it safe and focus on love, not lust.
  • Avoid expensive jewellery, unless you’re flush with funds or about to get engaged.
One last tip -- be gracious and considerate of others on Valentine’s. Not everyone is madly in love. Although friends may be happy for you, know that there’s a fine line between sweet…and saccharine. Finally, enjoy the day for what it is and don’t put too much pressure on yourself!

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